GovPEO was established from our own experience running a small government contracting company and facing the challenges of ensuring compliance with government requirements in a streamlined, efficient manner. We saw a need not being met in the market. While there are plenty of PEOs, none of them are focused on government contractors the way GovPEO is. We felt we could bring our knowledge and expertise in government contracting to providing services in HR management, employee benefits, payroll administration and talent acquisition. But we also do more. We know the intricacies of federal travel regulations and are well versed in the state and federal government regulations so we can help you ensure compliance in other areas too.

Starting out we faced the same decisions other small firms do — is it cost effective to do our own payroll or hire those services? How do we know if we are complying with our government contracts? Over time and experience, we learned a few things. We want to help you and your company succeed without having to go through the same hard lessons.